Avery Dennison has introduced a programme focused on the opportunities presented by intelligent labelling. Its Intelligent Labelling Solutions initiative brings together the supplier’s portfolio of products for such applications.
It is intended to support label converters in developing the opportunities in ‘smart’ labelling and packaging. With a very broad range of options, Avery Dennison stated that the portfolio “helps to maximize not only well understood capabilities, but also evolving state-of-the-art technologies, such as RFID”.
Michael Sanders, senior product line director of select and new growth platforms at Avery Dennison, said, “converters are familiar with widely adopted barcodes and QR codes, including item-level customization using digital print – and this portfolio simplifies material choices as mass customization grows and label batches shrink. Digitally printed labels are set to grow further as brand owners seek fresher and more relevant communication with consumers via quick changeovers and variable information printing . However, there is also huge untapped potential for more sophisticated technologies such as RFID. RFID options include UHF inlays, commonly used for item level tracking and visibility, and NFC inlays, increasingly being used for consumer engagement and payments. Packaging can be about far more than shelf impact – it can also transform logistics and enhance the consumer experience by enabling the connection to the digital world and the Internet of Things. We are excited about the growth potential for converters made possible through intelligent labelling.”