PrintReleaf Exchange (PRX) has declared an option to help graphic designers be environmentally responsible.  The company press release said that,  graphic designers planning print projects for environmentally conscious clients now have significantly more options available to them. Now by producing their designs at a PrintReleaf-certified printer, graphic designers can use any type or grade of paper they desire.
PrintReleaf printers verify the amount of paper used and PrintReleaf certifies that an equivalent number of trees have been planted on behalf of the print client.  
Print customers can even choose the tree-planting location from seven projects around the world at locations that have suffered significant tree loss, explained PrintReleaf, a patended software platform.
PrintReleaf CEO and Founder Jordan Darragh said,  “Until now, graphic designers have been constrained by the limited number of chain-of-custody-verified papers available. By choosing to have their job produced at a PrintReleaf printer, those designers can use any paper they choose, knowing that an equivalent number of trees will be planted in the appropriate location of their choice. To make the process even simpler, any printer can become PrintReleaf-qualified at no cost.”