A new article issued by Bosch Technologies states that the global bakery products and confectionery markets see fast growth. Products such as wrapped sweets, bagged toffees, Easter eggs, liqueurs and boxes of chocolates are popular items, as are doughnuts, baked snacks, biscuits, cereal bars, cakes, pastries and crackers.
The producers in bakery and confectionery sectors are looking for flexibility and variety where packaging is concerned. Both bakery and confectionery items are often placed in endload cartons. The article says ‘endload systems available on the market today offer the flexibility manufacturers expect to adapt to changing production needs. In order to streamline operations further, operator-friendly HMI controls have been developed that feature diagnostic capabilities, optional on-board manuals and training videos.’
As per the article, topload cartoning is also a popular packaging method for the bakery and confectionery industries, with lock-form cartoning being by far the most economical method. Cartons and trays for certain products may require special structural features, added strength, or improved appearance, and it is imperative that every former is coupled with an effective carton closer.
Bosch Technologies adds that wraparound sleeving is also an attractive packaging option in the confectionery industry. This is popular due to its ability to improve a manufacturer’s sustainable credentials through the decreased use of packaging materials.
The article ends with a note that packaging equipment varies vastly from supplier to supplier in terms of construction, specification and quality, and pricing will be equally varied.