In manufacturer Sun Chemical has announced an average 6% price increase across its products, due to continued increases in the costs of raw materials and volatility in the supply chain.

The increases, which come just a few days after rival ink company Flint announced a 5% increase across solvent- and water-based and UV inks, will be implemented on 1 December.

According to Sun Chemical, increases will vary due to the different chemical compositions of the products.

White inks, nitrocellulose varnish, and other products containing the phthalocyanine green (PG7) pigment will each see "significantly higher price increases", it added.

A specific price increase for each region is expected to be announced in the following days.

Chief marketing officer Felipe Mellado said: "Raw materials cost and supply instability continue to significantly impact the ink industry. In fact, raw materials in 2011 experienced both a record level of volatility as well as unprecedented price increases.

"Titanium Dioxide, for example, experienced steep price increases reaching a level more than 50% higher than in early 2010."