Wells Plastics is hoping for sales growth in the Middle East after becoming the first oxo-degradable additives company to gain the Emirates Quality Mark.

The product, which makes plastics biodegrade, has been certified under a newly-introduced standard that covers the oxo-biodegradation of plastic bags and other disposable plastic objects.

Both Wells Plastics and its distributor in the region, Excel International FZC, have been granted the certification.

Wells Plastics export manager John James said: "We are pleased that through the use of Reverte more and more companies are now able to make a difference towards the problem of dealing with plastic waste in the UAE environment."

Wells said that its oxo-degradable technology was first introduced into the UAE and other markets in the Gulf around 18 months ago, and it is now selling Reverte in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Products made with Reverte degrade in two stages, according to the additive's maker. First, carbon-carbon bonds in the polymer undergo a process called oxidative cleavage, which lowers the molecular weight and makes the material brittle. The second stage, biodegradation, then takes place, leaving, the company said, water, CO2 and biomass.