Suppliers of drinking water, Masafi has launched its corporate recycling programme to collect all plastic bottles irrespective of brand, from companies for free.

A total of 119 organisations have already signed up and Masafi has collected nearly 500 tonnes of plastic bottles reported local media.

Masafi recently also introduced Oxo biodegradable films in its shrink-wrap packaging for water bottles across the UAE and Kuwait.

According to company sources, the new packaging degrades within two years and was an eco-friendly alternative to conventional wraps - which take up to 400 years to break down.

The water bottle collection scheme is open to companies employing minimum 200 people. Masafi has pledged to install plastic bottle recycling bins on the premises and periodically visit each company for collection.

The collected plastic bottles will be cleaned and crushed in Masafi's pre-processing unit and then recycled in Fujairah into non-food packaging products such as egg cartons.

The programme covers all plastic bottles and not only the 1.5 litres and the 15gallon bulk water containers but also the smaller ones such as the 500ml, 330ml etc.Other companies wanting to participate in the recycling programme can call Masafi on 800 5455.