Jordan based company, Sipes Paints has introduced new plastic gallons as durable and strong as tin cans, for its range of water based paints. The new packaging looks exactly the same as the tin cans (cylindrical shape with coated tin ring & cover).

According to information received, the new plastic cans have some advantages, namely that they are rust proof and that they do not get bent due to the high flexibility of plastic.

The plastic cans will be sourced from Lebanon-based company Stageco.

Sipes decided to revamp its gallons for its water-based line of products and introduce a new idea to paint packaging, which has not changed much since the 'Tin Can' that is still in service and still does its job well.

"We, at Sipes Paints are proud to constantly set the benchmark in our industry and are always looking for the best ways to better serve our customers and exceed ourselves," said Abdel Hamid Edlebi, assistant general manager for development of Sipes Paints Jordan, about the new packaging that has already been introduced with the water based new Si Tone and Vinyl Silk products as a first step.

"Sipes Paints' success is due to a multitude of factors not least of which is its strategy of innovation. So it is within this strategy that we introduce this new packaging which, once again, goes to prove our dedication to the integrity of our products and total customer satisfaction," added Edlebi.

A few months ago, the paint company won the bid sent out by the Ministry of Tourism, for painting the exterior walls of 300 homes and buildings in the touristic village of Rasoun, in the Ajloun Governate.