The new Flexodot 4800 can create extremely small and precise halftone dots that are suitable for output at high resolutions up to 4,800 dpi and can produce natural-looking gradations, even in the extreme highlight areas. The dots are significantly smaller than those used in 2,400 dpi production.

Flexodot 4800 can be utilised by both the PlateRite FX870II and PlateRite FX1524 thermal CTP platesetters for the flexo and letterpress sectors. These models feature a newly developed, high power imaging head and an auto-balancing function that ensures the stable rotation of the drum, enabling customers to provide high-quality imaging while maintaining superior productivity.

Another advantage of this technology as claimed by the company, is that the increased resolution of Flexodot 4800 significantly improves the smoothness of curves and diagonals. This vastly reduces the jaggedess associated with flexo printing.

The manufacturers have announced that the latest halftone dot will fully exploit Screen's 4,800 dpi resolution imaging technology and can produce gradations as smooth as those achieved by offset litho printing at 200 lpi.

Dainippon Screen Mfg Co Ltd are well known manufacturers and suppliers of system components for the pre-press and printing industries .