A new range of single pass printers aimed specifically at the packaging and labelling markets, among others, has now been launched globally.

These new OMEGA printers, which the company, Atlantic Zeiser claims comes with a wide range of applications suited to these markets, is also being targeted at industrial product marking, commercial printing and card markets.

Ernst Walbrodt, manager of Dentsply deTrey GmbH, a company which focuses on dental packaging said: “This inkjet printing system enables us to apply markings and print at high speed and top quality on a variety of substrates. We can therefore order-pick, mark, print and ship product quantities anywhere between one and several thousand units within one day. Installing these printers has also eliminated the need to use external providers for marking and labelling, which has improved the responsiveness, security and flexibility of our operation,” he said. 

The OMEGA range consists of seven different models and uses SMARTCURE UV inks produced in-house by Atlantic Zeiser.

Vice president of Digital Printing and Coding, Ralf Hipp said: “Our solutions enables them to differentiate their services in the highly competitive labelling, printing and packaging industries.”