Dubai’s plastic sector recorded $270million in exports and $350m in re-exports in 2007.
This according to the Dubai Export Development Corporation (EDC).
It has been estimated that the value of plastic annual production in Dubai is around $350m.
 The total number of plastic industries in the UAE in 2007 was around 505 units with a 153 of these being in plastic bags and packaging.
This based on exports of around $265m in 2007 and the assumption that 75% of production is exported.
Dubai’s plastic industry is driven by a number of positive factors, the most important of which are the diversified domestic and regional markets and the well-established technology.
According to EDC, plastic exports registered 13% compound annual growth in quantity from 2004-2007, while re-exports and imports registered similar growth rates of 10% and 18%.
Dubai’s plastic industry contributes 50% of its production value in net value added component and employment in the plastic and rubber sector makes up 4% of the total employment in manufacturing.
Dubai’s plastic sector produces over 60 products for the packaging of food and cosmetics.