The strikes at paper mills in Finland have come to an end after a collective bargaining agreement was reached on 10th February.

About 9,000 paper mill workers went on strike after pay talks broke down.

After two weeks of no progress, and with the threat of the strikes moving into a fourth week, the ongoing mediation of the labour dispute between paper union Paperiliitto and the Finnish Forest Industries Federation has  resumed and both sides approved the proposal made by national mediator Vuokko Piekkala.

The national conciliator’s office said “all work stoppages related to labour disputes end immediately” following the agreement by both sides. Employees will return to the next shift in their schedule. 

Under the terms of the new contracts, salaries will increase by 3.3% on average over a 25-month period.

The deal also eliminates ‘kiky hours’, additional unpaid work added to most contracts in 2016 by government order, which will be compensated for in other ways, including reducing the shutdown of mills in June during the Midsummer holiday by 24 hours.