Wigston Paper in May launched an online paper matching tool to enable designers to identify the closest match for brand identities and corporate colours.

Using the new Paper Lookup Tool, designers and marketers can upload a logo or brand visual identity.  The free-to-use software then searches the company’s coloured paper ranges for the closest match against the three dominant colours in the image that has been uploaded.

Designers can either work from the information given or can fill in an online form asking for one of Wigston’s colour experts to run a human assessment of the brand to complement the results of the tool, and send out appropriate samples.

The company said the aim of the tool is to reduce the time and energy designers need to spend on matching and choosing materials.

Wigston marketing manager Kieran Dallow said: “It can be difficult judging colour across different media, but this tool takes away the guess work. We spent hours ensuring that the web colour references for our range are as close to the physical product as possible and we believe we got it pretty accurate.”

Dallow said over 200 people had used the tool within the first two weeks of its launch.