Every year around the world, some 374 million people are injured at work, according to the International Labor Organization. Creating a safe work environment has always been Mondi’s top priority and it is this intense focus that has led it to invest in an annual event when its 26,000 employees down tools for the day to work together on improving local health, safety and the environment.
Currently 30 countries are taking place to highlight the personal contribution that Mondi’s employees can make toward their safety, health and environment. Every Mondi site is hosting a “Making a Difference Day 365,” which allows employees and contractors to invest time in learning and practicing new approaches toward these vital topics.
“We will only be satisfied when every employee is returning home safely every day,” says Peter Oswald, CEO Mondi Group. “We created Making a Difference Day 365 in 2010 to collectively focus our minds on ways to improve our safety, health and environment. Through the enthusiasm of our employees, this initiative has grown over the years into a truly global event with significant positive impact on our local communities. This momentum shows that we can – and do – inspire each other to make a difference when we work collaboratively on these complex topics.”