Neenah Paper has partnered with USA’s colour theorist Dewey Sadka to create a proprietary application to let users build custom colour palettes and view them on their iPods and iPhones.

The application – called Think Ink – uses the scientifically validated Dewey Color System and allows users to explore the psychological meanings of colour, ink and paper combinations from the aforementioned handheld devices.

According to chief executive at Papers Worldwide, Ashita Judge:  “The system illustrates what the same ink colours look like on more than 50 Neenah paper colours and finishes, including digital print samples. The goal is to allow designers to feel comfortable with the colours and make the switch between paper grades simple.”

She added: “The ability to coordinate ink and Neenah paper in real time, request samples and think about projects – wherever inspiration strikes – is really great.”

 Judge said that some cutting edge designers were already “using this to their advantage in the Middle East and Asia”. She added: “A second batch of Think Ink guide books – which present opportunities and ideas to help users explore designs – are being circulated this month.”
Speaking on the slowdown, Judge said: “Being a niche market, the speciality paper division is holding its own. We launched our new website this month and have included a live search.

“The site brings our commitment to the environment to the fore and includes a live tool to search environmental logos and their meanings as well as all Neenah products, thus emphasising the Green image of PWW,” Judge added.