Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) has denied allegations that it plans to carry out a large-scale logging operation in a natural forest area of Indonesia

Five groups working in Bukit Tigapuluh National Park (BTNP), including the Sumatran Tiger Conservation and Protection Foundation and WWF Indonesia, said they had discovered a joint venture with APP and Sinar Mas Group (SMG).

WWF claimed the two companies had been given licence to clear a large area of natural forest, home to indigenous tribes and orangutans.

However, an APP spokesman said: “We wish to make it clear that APP has stated that the allegations made
are false.”

The paper manufacturer said it is fully committed
to the protection of BTNP and to the responsible
management of its surrounding areas.

It said: “Because of the business APP is in, and the fact that we operate in an environmentally sensitive part of the world, we understand that we may be an easy public relations target. Despite that, we urge stakeholders to be responsible and considered in their approach to long-term sustainable development in Indonesia.”

In June 2008, WWF reiterated its concern over APP logging activities in high-
conservation-value forest
in Indonesia.

In 2007, APP was kicked out of the FSC over allegations of destroying tropical forest in Indonesia.

However, APP denied speculation it had been illegally logging wood in Indonesia and in September 2008, four of its Indonesian mills became PEFC certified.