Printing equipment manufacturer Heidelberg and curing specialist IST Metz are intensifying their relationship to include UV LED retrofitting on sheet-fed offset presses.
Heidelberg and IST Metz have been working together successfully in the UV printing sector for more than 20 years. Now, UV unit manufacturer IST Metz will cover the LED retrofit business for various Heidelberg Speedmaster series presses and manage the handling and installation of the systems directly. IST Metz will also supply LED curing systems for various new machines in the Speedmaster series for small and medium-size formats.
Heidelberg noted that Speedmaster machines are renowned for their high productivity and long service life. Retrofitting these printing presses with the latest LED curing technology from IST Metz will accelerate the production process, it stated. This will include the LEDcure high-performance LED system, suitable for retrofitting to Speedmaster machines built from 2004 onwards.
“When it comes to the interaction between machine, LED dryer and consumables, optimum dryer integration determines the stability and productivity of the printing process,” explained Heidelberg in a statement detailing its extended relationship with IST Metz. “The installation and commissioning of curing systems in existing printing presses can be complex and have far-reaching repercussions. As the world market leader for UV curing systems based on ultraviolet light, infrared and warm air, and with more than 40 years of expertise in UV unit construction, IST offers comprehensive consulting services and safe, professional retrofits of LED curing systems. The communication between the machine and the curing system and the interaction between the interfaces must function perfectly when retrofitting – this is guaranteed with IST Metz systems.”
IST Metz will host its next UV Days event on May 13-16 in Nürtingen, while Heidelberg will host its ‘Sheetfed Label Day’ event on September 23 at its site in Wiesloch-Walldorf.