Clemson University’s Sonoco Institute will be partnering with Siegwerk over the next five years to develop the next generation of printing and ink technology through the newly commissioned, Siegwerk Inks and Coatings Laboratory.
The Siegwerk Inks and Coatings Laboratory will be part of the Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics that will provide the faculty, staff and students access to ink technology and ink management processes. The lab will support building capabilities in innovative package design through ink technology as well as enhance capabilities to explore visual appearance and functionality of packaging in terms of inks and coatings, and guide research in energy curable technologies.
In addition to a financial donation in support of the overall program, Siegwerk will have the privilege of helping to shape the future talent of the printing and converting industry. With approximately 350 students currently enrolled in Clemson’s Graphic Communications program, these students will be able to gain real-world experience through internships and exposure to ink formulation, end-use specifications and testing for the packaging of today and tomorrow.
Annually, a graduate assistant will be assigned to oversee all activities in the laboratory gaining in-depth knowledge regarding Siegwerk inks and future research projects.
“We are very excited to have Siegwerk as an integral part of our team – they bring a perspective and knowledge base that are critical to the success of the institute, and we greatly appreciate their willingness to participate,” said Chip Tonkin, chair of graphic communications and director of the Sonoco Institute.
"The ink industry isn’t necessarily a first job choice for those coming out of college, Siegwerk hopes to change this perception,’ said Dave Hiserodt, president Siegwerk US and Canada. ‘Working with the Sonoco Institute will be a mutually beneficial partnership for both organizations by building careers in ink for the next generation."
Siegwerk will also have the opportunity to serve on the Sonoco Institute Industry advisory board.