While exceptional speed and acceleration is one way to increase digital finishing table productivity, perhaps the more impactful way is to reduce downtime due to manual feeding and stacking. It not only reduces idle time; wherever you have manual material handling, you also have damage and waste, and the level of rework can be high. Esko explained how it is at the forefront of digital finishing automation during SGIA Expo 2018.
Esko director of product development, Frank Adegeest,  presented Reduce Waste with Shop Floor Management. All workflows – and all steps within the process – create waste. Waste reduces production, create delays and rework, increases rejects and equipment idle time, and compounds the amount of time and effort required to complete a job. At the end of the day, waste is really what you don’t want to pay for. This underscores the importance of shop floor management, workflow automation and supply chain management, all which have a major impact on the bottom line.
“In digital finishing there is an alarming amount of waste. We see it all the time when we work with customers. Our role at Esko is more than just providing the leading hardware and software solutions,” explains Adegeest.