Onyx Graphics announced the release of the latest version of the company’s wide format print workflow and RIP products - ONYX 12.1 software.  
ONYX 12.1 software is available for the full Onyx software product line including Onyx Thrive workflow software; and  ProductionHouse, Onyx PosterShop and RIPCenter RIP software.
“With Onyx Thrive and the new Onyx 12.1, we have seen huge speed improvements and we are now able to maintain G7 colour consistency on all devices, from latex to dye-sub fabric, for predictable output throughout our company,” said Josh Bevans, CEO of Design To Print.”
Among the highlights of the software is its capability to process more files in less time with a full 64-bit platform for RIP and applications, better colour consistency across multiple devices with integrated G7 correction, verification and iterations, and more automation tools. On average, processing times in ONYX 12.1 software are three times faster than in ONYX 12 for halftone processing. 
To purchase an ONYX 12.1 software license or to upgrade through the Onyx Advantage software maintenance program, customers should contact their authorized Onyx reseller or visit for more information.