Self-adhesive material manufacturer Drytac Europe has made available its new Emerytex laminating film, with a new anti-slip rating and photographic scuff resistance, available to purchase, available immediately. Drytac sales director Steve Broad said: “Most photographic or pop-up display materials have a scuff resistance but the problem is with a lot of these products the image gets dulled or obscured. With Emerytex the image really pops through and with the upgraded version it now has a slip rating so it can be used for flooring too.

“So basically, rather than customers having two different products in stock for pop-ups and floor graphics for example, they can use Emerytex for both.”

The film is available from sizes of length up to 1.55m. It is embossed with a monomeric calendared PVC laminating film and now has HSE R11 slip certification for resistance to slipping on floor graphics. The film also protects from UV degradation for indoor and outdoor graphics applications.

It is coated on one side with a solvent acrylic adhesive and has a matt finish, perfect for darker coloured printed graphics, especially those incorporating true black, according to Drytac.

It is mainly meant for use in pop-up displays but the film can also be used on tradeshow graphics, counter mats and other signage applications.

“We’ve produced it to keep it up with market trends really,” said Broad.

“It’s nice to have a product that can be used in different ways, with a higher clarity adhesive and the images really popping through. Where a lot of floor graphics get dulled because of the embossing for the slip rating, with Emerytex now we’ve achieved that without dulling the graphic.”

Founded in 1976, Drytac produces products for a variety of markets, including wide-format display, commercial printing and sign making.