Manufacturer of flowpack, film packaging, and post-print processing systems Hugo Beck, presented for the first time,  its robot-assisted fully-automated feeder system in combination with film packaging applications to an international audience at Drupa.

It consists of a parallel (or spider) robot and a corresponding packaging machine or line. 

The robot localizes, sorts, and dispenses a range of 3D products and packaging with a load-bearing capacity of up to 8 kg and fully reproducible results both in the case of single products and large quantities.

“Product infeed made easy,” Hugo Beck’s sales director, Timo Kollmann, succinctly describes the company’s innovation. “Without exception, visitors from across the globe all responded positively to our new robot technology. This confirms the trend towards greater automation in post-print processing, a sector under heavy cost pressure,” Kollmann continues. 

“As a manufacturer, we have to give our customers solutions that will enable them to respond more flexibly to a diverse range of tasks in the future, while also operating economically. The post-processing market is becoming more complex and it is precisely the manual processes that pose a multitude of problems. 

We have responded to this with technical solutions that are simple to operate and integrate, as we demonstrated so successfully at the drupa trade fair,” Kollmann summarizes.