Oliver Zund, CEO, Zund Swiss Cutting Systems and Lars Bendixen, product manager visited UAE for  feedback sessions with Zund’s clientele accompanied by their regional representative Ralph Busselot, MD, Colourbyte.
Talking to PrintWeek MEA, Zund said, “We have developed & launched a software in which one can calculate an estimate-time of the job required to be done. It takes in the dimensional value of the part, adds to it the time laps for the knife movements, taking in account the acceleration and gives an approximate equivalent time for a particular job,” said Bendixen.
The MIS system sends the information to the cutter and the cutter gives an instant time estimate to the operator. “It will be available for the existing customers as they can simply install it to their systems.” Their new systems are incorporated with ‘Tandem Operation’ which can help reducing down-time even further by working simultaneously on two parts. “It is important for us to see the machines in the production environment in this area and to receive a feedback from our clients. We have positive reviews and see great potential for Middle East region. Our collaboration with Colourbyte has been great and we look forward for further growth,” said Oliver Zund.