Finishing equipment manufacturer Pitney Bowes has launched an enveloping line that features no envelopes.

The WrapStar series, which comprises the WrapStar 20 and WrapStar 30, combines paper-wrapping machines with Pitney Bowes software to produce personalised mailings.

According to the company, the machines feature a number of advantages over rival machines, including full-colour envelope printing, high personalisation, and stock and waste eradication as envelopes will not need to be stored.

By producing mixed mail runs, the machines will also allow users to take advantage of postal discounts, the manufacturer claimed.

Simon Illingworth, product marketing manager for document messaging technologies at Pitney Bowes, said: "WrapStar revolutionises the look and feel of mail, introducing exciting possibilities to customers looking to offer more innovation and personalisation to clients."

The machines run at 20,000 and 30,000 cycles per hour using servo-driven feeders.

Mail is processed in a conventional manner up until the point at which insertion would take place, when the machine creates a paper cover from a continuous roll.

The continuous flow process means that high-speed production can be achieved without the need to stop and change envelope size."Now, the outside of the message can be as eye-catching and targeted as the document within.

"In the battle for consumer attention, WrapStar users will be a step ahead of the competition."