Belgian finishing specialist CP Bourg will bring a raft of new products into the market at Ipex this year.

"We plan to reposition ourselves at the forefront of the market," said CP Bourg chief executive Daniel Vande Poel. "We are convinced that with our 50 years of experience we can call ourselves the finishing experts and we have the people and the products to provide the ultimate in efficiency."

The firm is planning a resurgence on the back of its new high-speed high-quality digital finishing kit, which includes a near line booklet-making system, which comprises its BSM heavy duty sheet feeder, BCMe rotary creaser/slitter and the BMe booklet maker.

"For this reason you need to focus on quality," he said, adding that the company had recently achieved the latest ISO 9001 quality accreditation.

Known for its inline digital finishing kit, which the CP Bourg pioneered in collaboration with Xerox in 1986, it is now offering near line equipment to offer additional flexibility.

The BSM can take a high capacity stack on a pallet directly from many digital presses, as the firm manufactures those components for many of the major vendors.

The BCMe uses a unique non-stop rotary creasing tool that can crease covers only or the covers and blocks.

"Many digitally printed sheets need to be creased before folding to prevent toner cracking," said CP Bourg marketing manager Eric Le Moine. "But customers investing in digital presses cannot afford to slow down the process to accommodate slow finishing devices."

"Because it is being validated for use inline we know that it can handle the heaviest stocks rated for all the digital engines," said Le Moine.

In addition to creasing the BCMe can trim up to 25mm of bleed from the edges of the sheet.

The maximum sheet size of 364x571mm enables the finishing line to produce A4 landscape format booklets.

In addition to the near line and inline digital systems the booklet maker is also available with its BST 20 collating towers.