The Tunisian Société Imprimerie Beta (SIB) has invested in an Acoro A7 binder from Müller Martini for the second time in four years.

Giving the reason behind its investment, the company’s founder and managing director, Samir Graba said: “More and more local customers are turning to us which has led to a considerable rise in our production figures over the last few years.
“On the other hand, our export quote is constantly rising and is currently at 50%. The trend is set to rise even further.”

SIB also decided to invest in the machine due to the fact that during peak text book season the company produces around 100,000 books.

Graba added: “We have seen such good results from the first Acoro line.
“Since we purchased it, our production line has become more efficient and flexible.”

The Acoro A7 comes with an 18-station gathering machine, Merit three-knife trimmer and CB 16 counter stacker. Recommended for mid-size binderies, the Acoro A7’s high-level of automation allows efficient production of short and medium runs.
All job and thickness related makeready and changeover positions for the machine are input at the central commander using the touch screen, or via a production planning PC connection.

The Commander control system allows on-the-fly adjustments of individual machine settings while the machine is running.

The Acoro A7 perfect binder – with its automatic changeover for book thickness – is designed for book thicknesses of 3mm to 60mm.  The machine has a mechanical speed of up to 7,000 cycles per hour.
The perfect binder is due to be commissioned in April this year.

The company was established in 1990.