The Qatar-based Gulf Publishing and Printing Company has purchased six post press machines from Heidelberg as part of its expansion plan.
The machines include a Polar 115XT system 2, an automatic saddle stitching machine ST450, two KH78-4KLL folders, a Fidia gluing machine and a four colour Speedmaster 52.
“We wanted to expand our commercial line and become the number one player in Qatar”, said Mohamed Shehata, the company’s assistant general manager.
“There are many cases where we need to use good post press technology, especially for jobs relating to malls and new projects.
“Previously, these jobs were outsourced in Qatar.”
Over the past two years, the company has invested about $69million, which included the cost of the overall infrastructure and equipment for its newspaper and commercial divisions.
The Polar 115XT has a mechanical positioning accuracy of 1/100mm and works at a speed of 45 cycles per minute.
The Stitchmaster ST450 has two stitching heads, lateral thickness and length monitoring system.
The Stahl folder KH78 comes with a motorized setting of buckle plates for fast makeready and easy operation.
The Speedmaster 52 has an 18 roller inking system with a Prinect press center.
The company, which publishes Gulf Times, has also recently invested in Cromoman towers from Manroland, with a Ferag mailroom system.
It was established in 1978 and started its commercial line in 1982.
It has more than 600 employees.
Talking about the recent recession and the Qatar market, Shehata said the local industry is “still strong and growing”.