Dubai based Clarion Sign recently acquired Agfa’s hybrid UV LED printer Anapurna H1650i. 

Launched in February 2018 during C! Print in France, Anapurna H1650i allows users to print on rigid and flexible substrates. The tables are a detachable option which you can make use of as and when required for the prints. It consists of CMYK and white. The air cooled LEDs enable you to print on heat sensitive media, while the UV LED’s glowing time is up to 10,000 hours. The printer is bundled with Agfa’s own RIP software Asanti. Som John, general manager, Agfa said: “We are proud of our patented ink technology that lowers consumption per square metre. This is an added bonus which ensures high and quick ROI.”

Commenting on their first but from Agfa, Clarion’s general manager Krishna Kumar said: “We thought it was necessary to induct flatbed into our production in order to provide our customers with the best solutions. Over the years Agfa has established itself as a reputable brand in terms of innovation, technology and also providers of diligent services. We got Anapurna H1650i about five months ago and it is excellent so far as it has complementary features.”

Regarding the product’s reception, John added: “The industry has welcomed and accepted the entry level printer. It is ideal for those who want to diversify and offer the best quality and varied outputs. Eventually, in the long run they gain and consider our high-end printers.”