Epson, on July 8, announced its SureLab SL-D800 commercial photo production printer designed for photo shops.

“This printer is for those who want to expand their printing business, with a wider range of services for their customers, while minimizing environmental impact. It’s ideally suited to photo production busi- nesses, independent photo shops, event photographers, minilabs, copy shops and self-service terminals, as well as businesses that need to print high-quality mixed print jobs, on demand, on a wide range of media and formats,” stated the Epson press release.

According to Epson, the SL-D800 has been designed with media flexibility in mind. It supports glossy, luster and paper-based matte; in roll widths that range from 89mm to 210mm, and lengths of 50mm to 1,000mm. This is complemented by a production speed of 360 (15x10cm) photos per hour.

“Further enhancing the SureLab D800’s cost-effectiveness, are its long service intervals and low maintenance requirements, which boosts productivity and ensures users can offer their customers a more consistent and reliable service. Also, power consumption and noise levels have been noticeably reduced with heater and fan management, in standby mode,” Epson stated.

Jeroen van Beem, director of sales, Epson MEA, said, “The SureLab SL-D800 builds on the success of its predecessor, the SL-D700, and all enhancements are in response to customer demand. The SL-D800 is compact (same size as the SL-D700), durable and built for speed, flexibility and high-quality commer- cial photo printing. It is designed to last and fits seamlessly into the working environment thanks to the rigid, sturdy print tray and improved spindle design. Also, any downtime is significantly reduced due to the intuitive two-step roll change. Being able to provide the complete solution to our users is a major benefit, as we also supply Epson inks, paper and software support – which saves valuable time compared to dealing with multiple suppliers. It is a welcome addition to the SureLab range.”