Flint Group Paper & Board introduces HexaCode – a full range of water-based inks designed for in class performance on corrugated board, paper bags and sacks, paper shopping bags and gift wraps.

The HexaCode ink range, according to its makers, has been designed to reduce converters’ overall total cost to print exhibiting critical key features such as optimised resolubility, excellent pH and viscosity stability, superior print quality, high colour strength and is easy to use.

Paul Winstanley, technology director Paper & Board EMEA, said, “In 2018, Flint Group set out on a journey to develop a best in class water-based product range for our global paper & board markets.  Combining expert knowledge from around the world, we’ve created a new product platform that’s built on the latest industry leading technology.

“As a result, we are thrilled to present HexaCode – a remarkable ink range which exhibits improvements in print quality whilst reducing the total cost to print.  In addition to this, our HexaCode series leads worldwide safety standards and guarantees compliance with global and regional food packaging guidelines,” Winstanley added.