Enfocus is gearing up to launch the latest version of its PitStop pre-flight, editing and correction software.

The PitStop Pro 2019 Adobe Acrobat plug-in, PitStop Server 2019 hot-folder based server product and PitStop Library SDK 2019 PDF is commercially available from April. The Belgian developer’s latest release contains a raft of new features, including tools to handle complex files that can cause bottlenecks in a workflow.

Selective Rasterization enables pre-press operators to select specific elements within a PDF page, such as very complex vector art, and rasterize only that selection, leaving the remaining content untouched. Enfocus said this enables users to simplify complex pages while maintaining the highest quality.
When rasterizing multiple objects, this new function uses advanced logic to ensure that the visual appearance of the result is maintained at all times. This helps to ensure optimum quality while reducing the complexity of the document and the time it takes a RIP to process.

“Designers can create very nice graphics in Illustrator and InDesign that are too complex when they go to the RIP. All of the engines and the CTPs are getting faster and faster and the RIP has to keep up,” said Enfocus senior product manager Andrew Bailes-Collins. “We’ve been working towards this ability for a few years. It gives a very granular control where you can just pick the complex objects that you want and convert those to an image, taking out the bottleneck.”

Also new is the Object Browser, a feature that Enfocus said its customers have requested for many years. A PDF file is made up of many stacked objects, called the Object Stack.