PitStop Pro 2018, which is available as an Adobe Acrobat plugin gets more new features. The latest version is all about making life easier, saving time and providing additional advanced editing functionality for images, graphics, text and even shadings. From gaining detailed production insight through the new dashboard feature, to simplifying Action List creation and editing, PitStop 2018 users will have the most advanced PDF preflight and editing tool on the market.
“These are major releases that will greatly improve the prepress process. The beta testing has been so impressive and the feedback we have received tells us that this is our strongest launch ever. There are several unique features and improvements that will make life a lot easier, save time and ultimately enable a much smoother prepress department! We hear that PitStop is being used as a print-specific verb these days, with teams checking to see if jobs have been “PitStopped”.  The industry knows that to PitStop a PDF file means to ensure the best quality control for all jobs,” explains Andrew Bailes-Collins, senior product manager, Enfocus.
Some of the new features are Action List Visualizer, Hard Crop Line Art, Generate barcode Action, My PitStop Dashboard, Better integration with Switch Improved line art editing tools, and New Pantone functionality.
Apart from the above mentioned features, the 2018 version is packed with many other new features, including: Select objects that look black; Report on colour type of pages (for impression ‘clicks’); PitStop Server XML report v3; XSLT option in Switch configurator; Check minimum dot Action; Exclude soft masks from resolution check; Select closed path Action; Colour with variables; Print state of layers; Page scaling; New Output Intents from Fogra and the Idealliance userunits); Add copied graphic improvements; Add Bleed to Mirror only; Colours can now be defined in Lab; Over 40 new default Standard Action Lists; New Devicelink Profiles for TAC Reduction.