Enfocus, an Esko company, announced the release of Switch 2018, the latest version of its automation solution for the professional print market.
After looking into the market requirement, Switch 2018 was modified. With the new release the limitations within a workflow are now a thing of the past and diversification is key to the survival of print service providers.
“When automation is driving your business, it is essential that you have a solution that provides full control and transparency of your production. It needs to be agile in order to scale with your business as you diversify, and it needs to be open so that all disparate –  multi-vendor – systems, both old and new, connect to each other. It’s what I refer to as ‘True Automation’ and this is our mission with Switch,” explains  switch product manager, Toon Van Rossum.
Van Rossum, further added, “The Job Finder is the result of extensive feedback from users and is a significant first step in achieving production transparency. It is for everyone who needs to quickly find the status of a job, based on where the job is located within the Switch flows. Again, connectivity with external services is now possible through Webhooks. Aimed at script-writers, App creators and integrators, this essential new tool will transform the way Switch flows and scripts connect to external services. Simply put, Webhooks allow external applications or services to send notifications to Switch. For example, the notification could contain the status of a job or trigger an update when a new order comes in via the MIS system. Webhooks open up a whole new world of possibilities for script writers, app creators and integrators – and will ultimately simplify your automated workflow. Building a flow is faster than ever in Switch 2018. Some of the most frequently used actions can now be triggered by just one click! There’s a one-click action to access the sample job variables and metadata, and a one-click action to release all connections that are currently set on hold.”