Agfa Graphics has released Fortuna 11, the latest update of its design and assembly software for high-security printing. Agfa Graphics said that this version focuses on better user-friendliness, productivity and creative freedom. “It’s the first step towards a completely revised user experience,” reveals Andy Grant, Global Head of Software at Agfa Graphics.
Fortuna 11 takes a modular approach to high-security design and printing. They can rely on a potent graphical base editor that reconciles aesthetics with security. Fortuna 11 comes with two new functionalities that enhance interactivity and productivity, the company said.
“Agfa Graphics is constantly exploring new paths to help customers stay a few steps ahead of counterfeiters,” Andy Grant commented.
“Fortuna 11 focuses on an improved user experience by enabling security designers to create high-security design details in complete symbiosis with all surrounding security elements. And we’ll continue adapting the software to increase design productivity. Also, Agfa Graphics plans to launch new software to further facilitate and automate the production process of qualitative high-security documents,” he added.