Colour management software firms GMG and matchmycolour have partnered to create compatible databases for more efficient colour management.


GMG, which targets the wide-format market with its ProductionSuite workflow, offers high-end colour proofing software while matchmycolour creates
colour-matching, quality control and ‘global’ communication software.


Now, through an agreement that will cut errors and avoid duplication by aligning file information, customers such as brand owners, designers, printers and converters, using the software of either company for their colour management processes will have access both firm’s databases.


The collaboration is aimed at creating a more consistent colour workflow, particularly for prepress departments and designers for the packaging industry.


In the past, according to GMG’s global managing director Ian Scott, problems have been caused when different users along the colour management chain, that often use different databases and software, accumulate colour information from multiple databases.


He explained: “What we commonly find is that in production different stages of the chain end up with different sets of data, applications and systems. If there are 10 different companies involved in that job then they could end up with a lot of duplicated colour data and file name variations which can cause a lot of problems for brand owners and repro houses.


By creating this integrated system with matchmycolour we are centralising that information to eliminate any variation or faults that could take place in the colour production workflow,” Scott added.


According to the developers, the combined systems are compatible with all print processes and substrates and are applicable through every stage from design, specification, production, approval and certification.