Xinet chief executive Scott Seebass has stressed the importance of Digital Asset Management (DAM) to running a profitable business, ahead of the company’s next major software release.

Seebass, who founded Xinet in 1991, said: “Right now, if you’re a printer and you don’t do asset management, you’d have a hard time being competitive because you can’t do things as cheaply as your competitors. It’s something that’s so common now in most of the industry that if you don’t have it, it’s a disadvantage. You have to have certain things in order to be competitive.”

Xinet is currently working on the next major release for its WebNative suite of products, which is likely to feature increased support for video and interactive content.

Seebass said: “We’ve already added support for most of the video formats and flash in previous releases and what we’re doing now is adding more tools. We see it’s important to add more and more support.”

According to Seebass, the need for more cross-media tools has been driven by clients such as advertising companies and in-house corporate marketing departments.

He said: “Almost all of those clients are doing some video and some interactive now and we’re seeing pretty much every project involves some video, some interactive and some print. So these things are sort of coming together and we spent a lot of effort recently trying to make it easier to manage all those things in a single interface.”

However, one feature that is unlikely to be included in this year’s release, which is expected to come out in the second or third quarter, is a free text search tool that would allow users to search for text within documents, as well as for document names and metadata tags.

Seebass confirmed that, while Xinet was continuing to work on a free text search facility, it was not possible at the moment to make it work reliably.

Xinet Factfile

Chief executive
Scott Seebass
Founded 1991
Headquarters Berkeley, California
European head office Munich, Germany
Products include FullPress, WebNative, WebNative Venture, WebNative Portal