The Navigator Company announced that as of April it will supply National Geographic magazine with paper for an envelope to replace about 150,000 plastic bag enclosures per year in Portugal.
“This partnership with a prestigious brand like National Geographic is a very important step for our company, which has always been committed to the sustainable development of the planet through the use of natural and renewable resources and the development of sustainable paper-based products,” said Antonio Quirino Soares, marketing director at The Navigator Company. “By replacing National Geographic’s plastic bag with a paper envelope, we want to contribute alerting society to the importance of sustainability.”
In the summer of 2018, the National Geographic Society launched the global “Planet or Plastic?” campaign, encouraging all local partners to find ways of reducing plastic consumption in their operations.
Teresa Vera Magalhães, general director of RBA Revistas, the publisher responsible for National Geographic in Portugal, said, “In The Navigator Company we have found the ideal partner to start this transition in Portugal, given the company’s commitment to our mission of sustainability in forest management. We are aware that this is the first step, but all revolutions begin with a first gesture.”
In a written statement, The Navigator Company said, “Produced by a technologically advanced and responsible industry, paper is the result of a production chain that depends on tree planting where environmental standards are increasingly demanding and rigorous. The modern paper industry does not use wood from natural forests, so the raw material it processes is the result of trees planted specifically for this purpose: when paper is used, it stimulates the planting of trees and contributes to the sustainability of the forest.
“Paper is today the most recycled product in Europe, with a recycling rate of 72.5% in 2017,” The Navigator Company added.