Avery Dennison has recognized By-Health, a health supplements company in China, as the first brand owner to partner in the Avery Dennison Liner Recycling Program in the country.
Traditionally, label liner recycling programs require a complex process of collection and sorting, which can be a deterrent for companies who want to recycle.
Through Avery Dennison’s program, label liner is collected for recycling, saving on waste disposal costs and preventing environmental impact from landfill or incineration.
Since joining the program, By-Health has diverted over 100 metric tons of release glassine liner from landfills into recycled products such as corrugated boxes, through recycling partner Taiwan-based Yuen Foong Yu Group.
“By-Health focuses on improving the quality of life,” said Gang Jiang, deputy general manager of By-Health. “We believe that maintaining environmental sustainability is central to increasing the quality and longevity of healthy life for society. Through Avery Dennison’s liner recycling program, we are making an active contribution to address today’s sustainability issues and contribute to a better future for our customers by making our world-class nutritional products available in packaging that fits our company culture and values.”
Avery Dennison has identified recyclers of matrix and liner materials in every major region of the world as it continues to build an industry solution to liner and matrix waste that is available to all converters and end users.
Avery Dennison has initiated glassine liner waste recycling programs in Australia, India and Thailand. This is an extension to its existing liner recycling programs in other parts of the world including China, US and Europe.
Roger Machado, VP and GM, label and graphic materials, North Asia Pacific at Avery Dennison, commented: “As part of our goal to eliminate 70 percent of liner and matrix waste from our value chain by 2025, we are building a network of recyclers to help converters and brands reduce and reuse label waste."
"We are proud to offer a liner recycling service as a solution that will enable brands like By-Health to meet their sustainability commitments. We believe that together, we can solve the problem of label waste."