Flint Group has announced publication of its 2017 Sustainability Report - providing a comprehensive view of the organisation’s sustainability performance to date. “We are delighted to introduce our 2017 Sustainability Report, which explores in depth the progress we have made in 2015 and 2016 on our sustainability journey,” says Russell Taylor, Senior Vice-President Global Human Resources with leadership responsibility for Flint Group’s sustainability programme. “Within the report you will find many examples of how the organisation has strived to understand and respond to our customers’ precise needs, empowered our people and give back time and resources to our local communities. The sheer energy and commitment of so many Flint  teams around the world to this subject is quite remarkable. ”
Aligned to the Dow Jones Sustainable Index, the report outlines the Group’s performance in three areas—Social, Economic and Environment—detailing the way in which Flint  has incorporated sustainable business practices into its daily activities.
Flint Group’s 2017 Sustainability report is available to download via the following link: