Bobst used its October vacuum metalizing open house to launch two new protective topcoats for its Alox polyester transparent films.
The two new topcoats help reduce barrier performance loss when the films are put through the conversion process. One acts simply as a protective coat and the other is a barrier-enhancing coat.
Alox transparent films are mainly used for packaging end-user products, such as baked goods and microwaveable products. They have a vacuum-coated clear barrier coating, which, according to Bobst, is a replacement for EVOH, PVOH and PVDC and combines the benefits of a clear barrier coating with the additional advantages of a vacuum-coated barrier layer.
According to Bobst sales director Juan Cano: “When you put Alox through certain complex conversions such as printing and lamination processes there is a risk you can destroy the barrier, as the aluminum oxide is quite brittle. Putting it through rollers on gravure or flexo printing for example can destroy the barrier. To solve this, there is a need to apply a water-based protective topcoat to prevent barrier loss. We apply the topcoat and that actually seals the barrier properties of the Alox and prevents damage.”
Also on show at the open house, was its K5 Expert vacuum metallliser, which it says is the world’s highest productivity metalliser of its type. It will also launch its Alubond process feature for metallised films.
Bobst used Drupa to launch a number of new printing and converting kits.