Named Maine 1 Face Natural, the label (the first such label made from fully recyclable materials) was developed by Arjowiggins Graphic in response to customer demand for a 100% recycled high quality label with a natural shade.

In a statement, the firm said: "Developed specifically for the labelling and packaging markets Maine 1 Face Natural has a high bulk for excellent machinability, a one-side satin coating that ensures brilliant print quality and is suitable for food contact. Maine 1 Face Natural is available in sheets and reels in 75gsm and 80gsm. When compared to the production of virgin fibre, label products using Maine 1 Face Natural reduces the environmental impact through using 100% less wood; 50% less water; 60% less energy and 30% less CO2 emissions."

Julian Long, national key accounts manager at Arjowiggins Graphic commented: "Maine 1 Face Natural allows companies to put fully-recycled labels on the products that end up in the hands of their customers - something that should not be underestimated. The natural shade of the label bolsters the product by providing a visual impact that further communicates sustainability. Being developed specifically for this market and using the best technology possible has allowed us to produce the definitive recycled labelling product."

Arjowiggins has announced that de-inked pulp is manufactured on site without the use of chemical agents or bleaches and the site uses a combination of electricity and steam produced by cogeneration (natural gas) for its energy supply.