Some printers in Dubai have rebuked claims that they are not environmentally conscious. This after Emirates Evironmental Group (EEG) chairperson Habiba Al Marashi said that printers were not considering the impact of paper and inks on the environment.

Al Marashi was quoted in last month’s PrintWeek MEA magazine as saying: “Printers use huge amounts of paper, ink and toner cartridges, with most of the waste from these being recyclable.  Addressing its environmental impact is the only way for a business to become sustainable and survive in the market.”

Quality Printing Press’s managing director, Sandeep Bhatia said: “Our company is very involved in recycling. We have in fact taken it as far as to even make paper out of tea leaves, grass and clothing.”

He added: “When it comes to waste from our plant, we are adamant about reusing our toners and if our smaller machinery is no longer working exactly as we would like it, we have it fixed and then provide it to other companies to use. I can confidently say that our company has almost zero waste.”

Al Futtaim Printers and Publishers’s sales in charge, Anto Pankiras said: “The papers we use are environmentally-friendly where possible. People are becoming more aware and my belief is that, although it is up to printers and publishers to go green, we need to educate our clients and encourage end users to think eco-friendly.”