The Flexofit GmbH held Flexofit seminar in Accra, Ghana on 29 October.

The year’s seminar brought together expert speakers from internationally renowned companies to share the latest industry technology developments in printing and packaging, that were recently introduced at Labelexpo in Brussels and K  in Düsseldorf.

The talks covered prepress, plate making, printing devices and facilities, as well as technical solutions based on local challenges and changes.

James Agboli, from Royal Crown Packaging commented, “The seminar has broadened my knowledge in flexo. It will help my flexo journey as an ink technician. I am looking forward to attending the upcoming seminars.”

Hans-Peter Hormann, general manager of Flexofit said, “Ghana is a rising star in the West African printing sphere. We see a strong development of the industry and expect further growth and professionalization in the near future. The impact of our previous seminars is already taking shape.”