The Africa Print expo welcomed 572 visitors from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Congo and Tanzania to the second expo hosted in Lusaka at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre.
“There is a lot of opportunity in Zambia and it is a very warm and friendly place. I am pleased we are up on our number of visitors from last year, despite a quiet first day. With the focus of the expo being business opportunities, it was great to hear about the printing equipment sold at the event. Start up business solutions sold off the stands is testament to the growth opportunities available in printing, signage and branding in Zambia,” said expo organiser Charnia Yapp.
Minister of supplies and works Hon. Felix Mutati attended the exhibition and was pleased to find printing solutions for the Government Printing Department. He asked, “How can we create solutions by bringing in technology?”
He was looking for technology that can offer diversification, and elevate the quality and additional capacity to retain and create jobs. The expo was an opportunity to investigate solutions that the department could bring in-house rather than exporting business to be printed outside Zambia.
The exhibition stands in Zambia were judged by a representative from the Mulungushi International Conference Centre: First: Graficomp; Second: Clear Solutions; Third: Kemtek Imaging Systems.