Trelleborg’s printing solutions operation has announced the launch of a major addition to its range of metal-back offset blankets for newspaper printing with the introduction of Vulcan Metal Times for Middle East and Global market.
Talking about Middle East market, Matthias Horn, regional director for EMEA, Trelleborg, said, “With the new developed Vulcan Metal Times Trelleborg provides a new solution for high demanding Newspaper Printing in the Middle East region especially for all Manroland Cromoman presses. We know that particular in the Middle East several Manroland’s Cromoman (single-wide / single around) presses running on high speed with demanding quality expectations and therefore this new blanket provide the right solution with a special designed compressible layer. Quick rebound characteristic and high durability.”
He further added on environment friendly aspects, “There are 2 environmental aspects we have specifically focused during our development. On one site we have focused to reduce maintenance and consumable cost for our customers so we have strongly paid attention how to increase the life-time of the blankets. Because, simply achieving more printed copies per blanket our customers are able to reduce the blanket consumption. Using less blankets per year consequently reduce number of old and disposed blanket per year per customer in the Printing industry. Furthermore this new  blankets are also made on our solvent-free roller head line, which is the Trelleborg Printing Solutions’ manufacturing process without solvents, part of our Blue Dimension concept: protecting people and environment.”
Cristiano Bettè, R&D director at Trelleborg’s printing solutions operation, says: “The technology surrounding the creation of metal-back offset blankets is extremely demanding, which is one of the reasons why only the industry’s leading manufacturers produce these sorts of products. Trelleborg has been a pioneer in this area for many years and this latest launch takes us into a new era.”