OKI Europe has received the 2018 pick award from BLI Buyers Lab for the ColorPainter M-64s printer during the SGI Dubai.
Talking about the award, Frank Janschke, senior manager, EMEA WFP product management, commented, “BLI is an unique body that checks on the demands of the end customer needs and based on the requirements they take several test on dimensional stability, print speed, colour gamete, pantone colour production, and many more. Earlier, the same M-64s has won the best innovative award in 2014. We have remarkable dimensional stability and even the device has won for the power consumption. Even after the four years of launch the product is still the state of the art in the market. Apart from this, the E-64s which was launched last year have won the editors choice award from printreseller magazine.”
“The OKI ColorPainter M-64s was by far the fastest performer in BLI’s recent field test,” said Joe Tischner, wide format and cut sheet production analyst for keypoint intelligence - Buyers Lab. “In fact, the unit’s most productive print quality setting, draft, produced above average sharpness, high contrast, and very good details on the majority of our IQ targets.”