Paper manufacturer, Middle East Paper Co. ‘MEPCO, highlights its commitment to economic sustainability through three operational initiatives - MEPCO recycles 70% of its water in the production process, use of captive power generation to reduce power usage and lower operational costs  and 90% of MEPCO’s raw materials are locally-sourced by WASCO, its wholly-owned integrated subsidiary.
Sami Safran, CEO MEPCO commented: “Our resource-efficient measures see our overall production costs reduced significantly in comparison to our competitors.  For any business, cost efficiency of operations is an ongoing consideration and for a manufacturing company located in a desert climate, operational and resource efficiency is of premium importance. With our production requiring steam generation, MEPCO installed high-pressure boilers and high-speed turbines, serving both power generation and production. This method ensures that the cost of power is approximately 35% lower when compared to the grid, helping MEPCO to be considerably more cost efficient.”
WASCO collects over 40% of KSA’s waste paper through 24 established hubs and a fleet of 350 vehicles. Founded in 2004, just a few years after MEPCO’s inception, WASCO has recently expanded from KSA to include neighbouring countries in its waste collection efforts. MEPCO has realised in excess of 700% sales growth in just 15 years and has expanded from presence in the GCC market to representation in over 40 countries across the Middle East and Africa region. WASCO collects almost half a million tons of waste annually.