In 2015 HP’s separation into two entities, HP Inc. and HP Enterprise, heralded a new chapter in the company’s development. HP Inc. has used an 18-month reassessment period to define a marketing strategy for Africa that it believes will entrench its position and disrupt markets
According to the HP Inc. Q2 2017 earnings announcement, the company reported net revenue of US$12.4 billion, up 7% from the prior-year period, with the EMEA region contributing 34% of net revenue.
HP Inc. has offices in Angola, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa and Tunisia, and this presence is used to manage and support its continent-wide operations. Over the past year-and-a-half, the company has focused on reinventing itself, says David Rozzio, MD of HP South Africa, focusing on where to invest, how to innovate and how to develop the right culture to ensure that it is able to cope within an ever-changing IT market.
HP Inc’s strategy is based on three pillars, the first being its core business (PC and print). The second pillar involves growth and bringing that back into the company. The third pillar is based on the company’s future prospects, in terms of investment in product lines, form factors or IDs that it wants to bring to market, including 3D printing.