SE Litho has expanded its digital printing services with the purchase of a new Xerox Versant 2100 digital press from Digilogix and Bytes Document Solutions.
 SE Litho’s Andrew Armstrong says the printing market has evolved to the point where designers are no longer interested in the limitations of litho printing and expect equal or better printed products from their digital suppliers.
 “When we first entered the digital printing market a few years ago – also with a Xerox machine – litho printing was still ‘king of the hill’ when it came to producing high-volume professional output for corporate clients and designers,” says Armstrong.
“Today that’s all changed, and the new generation of digital presses like the Xerox Versant 2100 makes it possible to deliver litho-like quality and volumes at a lower cost and more efficiently,” he says. “It’s a fact that some litho printers don’t readily admit, but the results we’re already showing us that the future of printing – particularly in the fast-paced, entrepreneur-driven South African market – is digital.”
“Print resolution is the standout feature for us, a big step up from our previous digital printer-copier,” says Armstrong. “Add to that the built-in spectrometer, and we can be certain that the prints we give our clients are 100 % accurate every time – from registration to bleed to crops to colours. It’s streamlined the way we work, and the litho printers are getting less runtime as the digital press ramps up production.”
Digilogix’s Jason Patch says digital printing has matured to the point where the difference in quality between traditional litho output and advanced digital presses has diminished, and the difference in cost-per-click, even at higher volumes, is starting to favour the digital press.
“Digital has long held the edge over litho when it comes to short-run printing, given the complexities of the litho workflow, but new-generation digital presses like the Versant 2100 have all but eliminated the cost differential at higher volumes as well,” says Patch.