Smithers Pira is teaming up with Africa Print to survey current trends in printing markets in Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa.  The closing date for the  online survey was 30th September 2016.
The online survey is designed to assess current trends in print markets in the region, covering key print product areas and printing technologies, and also examines the extent to which digital print is making inroads into sectors dominated by offset and other traditional print processes.
The typical completion time required is  just 10-15 minutes. Also, your answers will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, and only used in combination with answers from other respondents to produce           an overview/average of responses, helping inform Smithers Pira’s analysis of Southern & Sub-Saharan Africa print market trends in 2016. The results will appear in Africa Print magazine. All respondents to this survey will receive for free a Smithers Pira e-book  on analogue-to-digital printing: navigating the transition. Also, it will ask you to fill in your details at the end of the survey to receive.
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