Communications company, Zero Plus has unveiled the first EFI H1625 LED printer in South Africa, acquired from EFI’s sub-Saharan partner Bytes Document Solutions and its business partner Ivyline Technologies.

Francois Coertze, production manager at Pretoria-based Zero Plus, identified the EFI printer as the ‘ideal catalyst for launching a range of new services for its discerning clients’, particularly those looking for new ways of presenting display graphics.

“Compared to traditional printing technology, the EFI H1625 makes it possible to print on almost any solid or bendable substrate, including wood, glass, metals, cortex boards, acrylic, even bottles and paper bags,” says Coertze. “It even comes with a white ink option that lets us print on dark surfaces, or as a backing colour on translucent materials like glass, giving the final print a depth and richness that’s difficult to replicate with any other method, and certainly not at this price point.”

“The highly competitive nature of the print industry means companies that don’t innovate quickly lose market share, so pushing the limits with the latest in printing technology is critical,” says Bytes  digital print specialist Barry Hasleham.

“That said, it’s not just a case of investing in new technology for the sake of it; it’s about keeping current and ensuring your business remains relevant with the type work your customers expect.”

Coertze concurs: “By helping our customers solve their display challenges and continually finding new and better options for their projects, we help make them more successful, which ultimately keeps Zero Plus front of mind when it comes to any and all communications work they entrust us with,” he says.

In May 2015, Bytes became a strategic EFI partner for both the entry-level H625 and the  H1625 LED wide-format hybrid printers, and the regional distribution partner for EFI’s InkJet Division, supported locally by its network of concessionaires, dealers, distributors and its direct sales force.